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Sound System rental

Event sound

Need Speakers?

You’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of loudspeakers, microphones, and sound equipment for rental.  From basic PA systems for speeches or a house party to big concerts and everything in between.

When it comes to sound – You need the right tools for the job. A speaker is not just a speaker. At Audio Elite we only use high quality sound systems from reputable brands that can deliver the performance required time after time. 

We cater for all events from big to small including the setup and delivery. For smaller events we also offer plug and play systems that can be collected and set up yourself.

If you are not sure what you need we can advise you.

DJ Services

DJ Hire Stellenbosch

Need A DJ For Your Event?

In the age of the computer almost everyone claims to be a DJ, and sadly the industry has been flooded by countless rookies hiding nervously behind their laptops. Its not just about mixing – Its about song selection, reading your crowd, controlling the energy, and loving what you do!

A great DJ feels comfortable behind their equipment and is able to confidently read his audience in real time to adjust the mood accordingly by drawing from experience. Keeping a diverse crowd happy is never easy and DJs need to think 3 steps ahead while working in requests and controlling the mood. Knowing what to do when things go wrong can be invaluable and the last thing you need at your special event is an inexperienced DJ.

We offer DJ services for weddings, corporate events and birthday parties. All our DJs have over 10 years of experience not only DJing but also working in the sound, lighting and events industry. They have been hand picked. We do not compromise on quality or experience.

Weddings and Special Occasions

Wedding DJ service

Special Events Require Special Attention

Let us take your event to the next level! We specialise in Weddings, Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, and Corporate events. We can turn any venue into something special and bring your event to life.

Audio Elite has been in the event and entertainment industry for nearly 20 years providing entertainment and delivering excellence to a broad range of events at 100’s of different venues. There is not much we have not seen or many problems we cannot solve. We can provide all your A/V technical requirements, entertainment, and crew for any event big or small.

Need a Band or DJ? 

Our history in the entertainment scene and our good relationship with most of the local performing artists has put us in the unique position to offer these services to our clients. Let us connect you to the many talented artists out there and help you make the occasion extra special.

Conferences and Presentations

presentations and conferences

Need A Projector And Screen?

You have so much pressure at work already and now your boss wants you to handle an event as well… It’s not fair! We get it, let us take some of your stress away and help execute your event flawlessly so you can win those brownie points!

Book a venue and bring your laptop. Its not really that simply but we aim for it to be. Not everyone is a tech geek and things can get embarrassing if your presentation goes haywire in front of all your colleagues with nobody to help you.

Luckily you’ve come to the right place. If your not sure where to start, let us help you.

Projectors, Screens, TV’s, Microphones, Lights, Staging, Webcams, Lecterns and more

We come in to set up the technical aspects of your event and see it through from concept to execution so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Event Lighting

LED spot lights

Need Lighting For Your Event?

The lighting at your event creates atmosphere and can turn any plain building into a marvelous spectacle. Bring the dance floor to life or simply set the mood at your fundraiser. We have come a long way since Edison and the 1st light bulb.

The breakthrough of LED technology allowed us to use significantly less power while achieving far greater flexibility and functionality compared to traditional lighting fixtures. Lights can now turn any colour and dim to any brightness all while being controlled with a computer or remote. The possibilities are endless!

LED lights to shine up the walls.  Fairy lights between the trees.  Spot lights to light up the stage.  Moving head lights to sweep over the crowd.  UV Lights to make the colours pop.  Flood lights for the parking lot.  Smoke machine for the DJ.  Lasers for the ravers.

We have it all, lets make magic

Live Music and Theatre

sound engineer

Microphones, Mixers, Monitors?

The technical requirements for your event are just what the name suggests – technical! Booking a band or entertainer is never that simple as they rarely provide their own equipment, especially the “famous ones”. That’s where we come in.

Live entertainment can get rather complex and the performing artists rather particular. The gear has never been cheap and the hours are never easy. We have worked with countless performing artists and the one thing you cannot cut corners on is quality gear!

Audio Elite specialises in providing high quality equipment and trained engineers to aid in the production of your live event or showcase. We coordinate and oversee the rehearsals and sound checks, program the lighting and handle all the technical aspects of your event.

Staging and event infrastructure

Concert rigging

Staging, Trussing, Tenting & More

Audio Elite is not all just about sound equipment. We have the infrastructure to back it up

Although we do not necessarily specialise in event infrastructure we have enough of our own for medium sized events and we have the right contacts for anything bigger.

Unfortunately do not supply tents, but let us put you in contact with our friends.

Stage panels are 2m x 1m and can be made into any shape at any height up to 1m high. (eg. for a 4m x4m stage you will require 8 panels)

The Aluminium trussing is usually 2m long and can be used to mount lights or TV Screens around venues or can be connected into larger structures for concerts.

Installations and Sales

Sound System sales

Need An Upgrade?

We don’t own a shop, so we are not trying to sell you the most expensive products for commission here. We know what works and how to work with a budget. Let us help you with your installation or venue upgrades.

Each venue is unique, and opening a new shop can be very costly. Even an old venue generally has a very small budget for upgrades. There is the old saying that buying cheap is buying expensive in the long run. This is true, but with so many options on the market it is also easy to overspend.

We know what is required from equipment, how best to use it, and we have the experience to know what works over time.  Let us come see your venue and give you piece of mind.